Commissioned Art Canvas for Sharon Rexroth

Commissioned Art Canvas for Sharon Rexroth "Jaxon"

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 Our standard canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.This is the Custom Commissioned Art Work of Dee Jones for Jaxon. If you would like to hire Dee to paint please contact her via Commissioned Art Starts out at $200 Then we make products that you can purchace at 



You must know that I often pray as I paint. Sometimes when I am painting I hear things within my heart. I call these words of affirmation “Whispers from Heaven”. These are insights that help understand what to paint. 


As I carefully painted you I heard. “Jaxon is a Leader, and His number is undeniably 12.”


At this time in your life, your interests may be in Football, but you are more than that you are a born leader. I hope it is ok to jot down a few of my thoughts as I digitally painted this picture.



Jaxon even though your position is often in the Lime Light, the number twelve signifies that  you are a Team Player. 


~The number one #1 means Leadership Authority that brings positive change.

~the #2 represents union and companionship

~put them together this makes the number twelve

~12 is a symbol of governing discipleship and order. 

~Those who are repetitively marked by the number twelve seek to improve themself and lead others to do the same.


I believe your life time scripture verse is Luke 12-12 “Simply be confident and allow the Spirit of Wisdom access to your heart, and in that very moment God will reveal what you are to say.”


These were just a few things that I prayed while painting:


~May hope burst forth within you. 

~May the inner function of your heart always be to love and be loved. 

~May you never wear a fake mask. 

~May you remain genuine and true.

~May you never feel comfortable with evil

~May you embrace everything that is good and virtuous, for this produces freedom in your life.

~May you tenderly be devoted to your family, friends and team mates, as if they are a member of one family.

~May you understand that it is ok to shine brighter than those around you.

~May you be enthusiastic and radiate at a higher level, for this is part of the anointing that is upon your life.

~May you allow the Holy Spirit to train you up 

~May your attitude reflect determination as well as joy in the process

~May you understand when you do not know what to do, simply stand firm until you receive direction.

~Above all may you communicate with God in all situations for God will help guide you in your wisdom and leadership.


Your grandmother and I just wanted you to know that you are a born leader. Now get out there and shine!