"The Mantle of Deborah" Fall Inspirational Canvas Art

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I clearly heard pray for the wombs of my Deborahs! 


 When the burden is intense and you do not know what to say, this is the moment to pray in the spirit. This is the exact moment to stand up and pace the floors until you feel an urge that the burden is lifted. As I was praying I had a picture image develop out of the recesses of my mind. 


I saw a fully geared woman from ancient times. I could see her curly hair glisten in the fall evening as she stood unsure of her future. Her right hand clasped the sword and her left was placed upon her belly. Here is where she makes her stand. 


An extreme force of strength peers from her eyes as she stairs into the face of the unknown. The Warrior is pregnant but this pregnancy does not represent a mere child.  This pregnancy represents a nation that weighs in the balance. She is Deborah and she rises up with tenacity for the next generation.  


Now I am not that good of an artist to paint a masterpiece from memory. I need a visual image to inspire my emotions, as it guides the paint brush across the blank canvas. How do you relay the intensity of the moment. How do you portray the anxiety the unknown despair of what might or might not take place? How do you paint the story that will speak a million words? 


“I can hear the sound of a great and mighty army marching on the horizon.

It is an army of God’s daughters, coming to claim their inheritance.

I can feel the ground shaking as they march together in unison, sending shockwaves into the enemy’s camp for they come to retrieve their territory.

I can see their eyes burning with a fierce passion for their Beloved, they are moving in response to His call. His call is one of urgency, like a drum beating with the sounds of war whose notes are echoing out across the four corners of the earth. His voice calls out to His daughters, “rise up my daughters, rise up! I am releasing the mantles of Deborah and Esther to rest upon you in this hour. This is your moment. I am giving your enemies into your hands.”

In one hand, they carry the sword of the Spirit, in the other, they hold the Blood of the Lamb. 

They are moving to the sound of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is roaring behind them. They have come to rebuild the ancient ruins, to repair the cities destroyed, to revive and redeem the devastations of many generations.

A war has been unleashed against the family… a war on our children, where hell inspired indoctrinations have been spreading and infiltrating schools, high-schools and universities. If the enemy hasn’t been able to kill our children in the womb, he’s been attempting kill their image in Christ by way of their young minds. Generation Z is perhaps, the most indoctrinated generation of all time… with these theories attempting to captivate them from every corner. There has been an increased war against women – both an attack on our wombs, the fruit of our wombs, and an attack against our God-given identity as daughters and mothers. We have Ideologies being pushed that blur the lines between man and woman… and men are being told that masculinity is a modern-day evil. Human trafficking has increased and things like pedophilia that were once considered evil yesterday, are being slowly accepted as an identity. Demon-filled theories are running rampant.

But God has an answer.

Deborah sings these words in Judges 5:7:

“Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, Until I, Deborah, arose, Arose a mother in Israel.” The NIV translation puts it like this; “Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel.”

God is calling you, His daughter, to arise and fight. He is releasing the mantle of Deborah upon you as you do. It is a mantle of courage and boldness to stand fiercely against the enemy and stand guard over your family.

Principalities will fall

In Judges 4 the Israelites had partnered with evil. As such, the people were handed over to an immoral King, Jabin, whose name means, ‘God perceives.’ This speaks to me of the eyes of God Almighty, piercing, perceiving and exposing all the corruption that has been covered in secret.

Woe to those who dig deep to hide their plans from the LORD. In darkness they do their works and say, “Who sees us, and who will know?” Isaiah 29:15

King Jabin appointed an evil commander of his army named Sisera who lived in Harosheth. Sisera’s name means ‘meditations’ and ‘keen and swift’. This commander oppressed the people of Israel brutally. Sisera lived in a place that meant ‘silencing of the gentiles, and carving of the Nations’ it points to the silencing of today’s Church and the ‘carving’ or ‘redefining’ of the Nations as a result of these meditations. Today, Sisera is a principality, swiftly moving to oppose Christ. God’s daughters, however, will not be silenced. They are moving with the courageous mantle of Deborah to tear war off this spirit.

Deborah was known as a prophetess, she would sit under a palm tree between Ramah and Bethel. A palm tree in the bible signifies providence, divine wisdom and intelligence from the Lord – it is an opposite way of thinking to the worlds. The location of this palm tree between Ramah and Bethel means ‘heights of the House of God.’ Deborah sat in the heights of intimacy in the secret place with God and received divine revelation and insights from Him. Because of her position of intimacy with the Lord, God released His insights to her that settled the disputes of the people.

God is seeking out His daughters who will choose to come up higher, above the noise, and listen to His voice. In this place of intimacy, He is releasing divine solutions and strategies that will counteract the noise and ‘meditations’ of the world.

Deborah responds to the oppression of Jabin and Sisera and summons Barak. Barak’s name means ‘lightning.’ I believe this speaks of fathers arising alongside mothers to defend and protect the family together – and in doing so, God will QUICKLY respond with lightning power to strike the principality of Sisera. I am not speaking of only physical mothers and fathers, but spiritual ones.

Deborah instructs Barak, ‘Go deploy the troops on Mount Tabor.’ Tabor means ‘place of purifying and cleansing.’ The troops first had to gather at this place of purifying and cleansing before going into battle. God is purifying his armies at this moment, He is gathering His daughters to first purify and cleanse them of the noise, the lies, and the oppression they have endured. Deborah then prophesied a God-inspired strategy… she said in Judges 4:7 ‘then I will lure Sisera’s armies to fight against you at the Wadi Kishon, and I will hand him over to you.’ However, she then tells him, that Sisera himself will be given into the hands of a woman.

Wadi Kishon means ‘waters of snaring.’ The Spirit of God is releasing strategies in prayer at this moment that will lure and trap the enemy into the rushing waters of His Spirit, drowning out his plans, chattering words, and confusing doctrines. As God’s sons and daughters continue to decree the Truth of His Word with courage, it will drown every demon ideology that is attempting to advance and set up residence over our family territories. Pay attention to the strategies the Holy Spirit releases in dreams, visions, and in His Word, these are the strategies we are to release in prayer and intercession.

The principality of Sisera has been given into the hands of His daughters at this moment.  Satan has overplayed his hand… he has targeted our wombs and the fruit of our wombs, so God is raising up his daughters – and the offspring of our wombs – as WEAPONS and antidotes to the enemies strategies.

As Sisera’s armies were lured into battle with Barak and his armies, Sisera fled on foot in terror and ran into the camp of Jael. Jael means ‘one who ascends’ or ‘mountain goat.’ She is the prophetic picture of one who ascends the heights of the house of God – just like the picture of Deborah under the palm tree. Mountain goats have the ability to climb high above their enemies out of reach as they balance on rocky ledges. Jael, knowing who stood before her, allures Sisera into her tent. Thinking he was safe, Sisera lays down to rest, and asking for a drink of water, she gives him milk – lulling him to sleep. She covers him with her blanket and then, in a swift move of striking courage, she grabs a tent peg and a hammer and drives the peg, like a nail, through Sisera’s forehead, and into the ground.

Jael’s tent points to the tabernacle, the sanctuary of God. Rather than doing warfare outside of the secret place, she invited her enemy into her territory – as though luring a predator up to the heights, knowing that only she can withstand them. She lured him in, gives him milk, a picture of the sustenance of the Word of God, lulling him into a state of unconsciousness. Covers him with her blanket, a picture of the glory of God … and reaches for her tent peg and hammer. The Word of God is like a hammer… and the tent peg speaks of territory.

“Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, do not hold back; Lengthen your ropes And strengthen your pegs” Isaiah 54:2

Jael did just that. She drove her tent peg through the temple of one whose meditations were silencing and redefining the nations. She violently opposed those meditations with the WORD – her hammer.

I can hear the Father saying, ‘Daughter, COME, come climb with me into the heights of my sanctuary, my secret place, come… get used to my atmosphere… breathe afresh with me up here. Let’s wage war together on the enemy who has been attempting to set up territory over my family and my children. It’s time to take back YOUR ground. Let us lure him into our sanctuary… he thinks he’s safe… but I will release to your strategies in prayer that will cover over Him, rendering him into a state of unconsciousness. Daughter, don’t hold back in fear… reach for the hammer of my Word and drive it down deep into the temple of those meditations. Proclaim my Word loud for all to hear… and it will re-establish your territory over those demon-ideologies… they cannot and will not prevail against you.”

I can hear the gates of hell shrieking at the sound of this approaching army – they cannot stop what is coming.

Here they come, can you hear them? God’s daughters of Zion, a mighty army of beauty and strength.

They are coming over the mountains, like a mother bear with resolve in her eyes to protect her young… to restore the family, redeem the unborn and retrieve the lost prodigals. They are coming to pour out the sweet fragrance of Jesus into the earth.

Here they come, warriors and nurturers, soldiers and protectors. They are fierceness, love and strength combined.

God is calling to you, dear daughter. A charge to arise as a mother over the land and territory you have been assigned. You are the spiritual protectors, nurtures, and defenders over your families. Village life as we have known it has been ceasing, but watch as God’s Deborah’s arise. like a cloak spreading across the Nations, this divine calling from heaven is resting upon a generation of daughters – they will courageously and fearlessly push back the darkness and exposing it to the light.

God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message. Psalm 68:11

‘Now you are ready, my Bride, to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together…. together we will wage war in the lions den and the leopards lair…’ Song of Songs 4:8 TPT”



 “The Mantle of Deborah” 

By Dee Jones and Christy