"Receiving Strategy" Poly Scarf (Bride of Christ)

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Made from high quality poly voile and poly chiffon, this sheer scarf is extremely light and airy. Outstanding quality print turns it into a head turning style accessory. Use this a conversation piece when ever you wear it, to share your own testimony. 100% Polyester

…and I heard the Lord whisper to His bride


“Come Hither for in this hour I am not shouting, but gently instructing from the secret place”


As I paint I can hear two phrases from the Red Letters of the Word.

~ I can say nothing, but what I hear my Father say.

~ I can do nothing than what I see my Father do. 


Long before you can gear up for battle you must find that solitary place of receiving His secret strategy. Ephesians teaches us to come boldly before the throne of God. Why because it would be unwise to put yourself out there in the midst of chaos, before you have received your instructions from the High Chief.


It is Christ who raises His Bride up into the heavenly places  

~May the light of the Lord illuminate the eyes of your spirit, until you experience the full revelation of His calling. You are a co heir of His promise through your union with Him. 

~May supernatural strength flood your innermost being with His divine might and explosive power. 

~Your hand to hand combat is not with human beings, but with the highest principalities and authorities operating in rebellion in the heavenly places. (scriptures found in the Book of Ephesians I challenge you to read it again).


In order to ascend into the heavenly places you must understand that it is God’s design that the Divine lives within humanity. This is the hope of His calling. “The kingdom is not discovered in one place or another, for God’s kingdom is already expanding within some of you.” (TPT Luke 17:21) Do not get side tracked by the word ascend we are not physically going up. We are entering into an understanding where spirit intuition meets consciousness. This is a place where the “Light of the World” emanates into the mind, will and emotion. This bestows new perspectives to change the atmosphere on earth. There is power in the agreement! “Thy Kingdom Come” 


The Kingdom of God Life is the real life. Have you not read, “We do not focus our attention on what is seen but what is unseen. What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” The Lord has helped me to become more aware of His presence since the age of 13. Whether it be through Night Visions as I sleep, or in my waking conscience; I have tried to honor His leading. I must first come into alignment with the Kingdom of God in prayer.  However prayer is a two way street. The prayer that Paul prayed is also my consistent prayer for those around me. “Open the my eyes of our understanding.” The kingdom of God is in sync with the Lord.


As an artist I often pray as I paint. My studio is literally in the upper room of my home. This is my sanctuary to move and breathe and encounter. Then as he does my prayer shifts. Lord Help me to speak with acrylic that conveys what I am hearing and seeing. This is a very personal and pure experience. 


His voice often comes in whispers. I can feel the warm breath of the Ruach within the sanctuary of my heart. Questions, deep questions linger and it makes me yearn for more.


Here are His Whispers from this painting:

~Shhh Here I am! 

~I am your Peace 

~I am you Purity 

~I am your Passion

~I am forever available to you 

~do you desire the keys to the kingdom?

~Receive my Revelation

~ I am yours and you are mine

~I am your Beloved

~Is not my love the revelation of God?

~Is not the revelation of love the whole point of purpose?



There are Angel Armies surrounding this nation even now…and yes the Bride does wear combat boots. Many of us are waiting for God to show up. Well may you become more aware that He is already here. Open up you living gateways for the King of Glory is about to enter through you. (Psalm 24:7)  


I believe that this nation is in the calm before the storm. Now is the time to go before the throne, to get His marching orders. Awaken oh Sleepers and receive a strategy for a nation. 


“Receiving Your Strategy”