Reindeer (3 Options)

Reindeer (3 Options)

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Choose between 3 Reindeer:

Reindeer stander- adorned with holly berries and a pinecone.

Reindeer sitter- adorned with a nightcap and scarf

Grandaddy Reindeer- adorned with a festive snowflake sweater, red nightcap, and matching scarf.

The crackled-plaque included with each is hand-painted by one of our artists at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Simply fill out the text box provided, and we'll get started personalizing your custom order. 

Which one is your favorite? Can't decide? Take home two Reindeer for a Reindeer couple in your holiday decor or three or more for a family. 

    • Dimensions: Stander.: 19"x8" Sitter.: 17"x8"; Grandaddy: 20"x8"
    • Typically ships within 1-3 days.
    • Estimated shipping time 2-4 days via Priority Mail
    • Tracking Number & Insurance Included on ALL packages