Memories Cherished Canvas Print (Little Red Truck)

Memories Cherished Canvas Print (Little Red Truck)

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"Cherished Memories" Painted by Dee Jones. This standard canvas Art Print is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail. It depicts an old international truck parked outside a farmhouse barn. Could it be that red trucks hold some of our most cherished memories. Below Dee shares her own short story.

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use

Painting and Story by Dee Jones


Today was Little Red’s lucky day, or was it? My brother races out of the gate with the keys in his hands. He yells come on Little red I just got my license and we are going for a spin. I must of had a brief moment of insanity because I jumped into the bed. You see my brother may have been legal, but he did not have permission. Country Folk learn very young. It is better to ask for forgiveness, rather than ask for permission.

Long before the days of seatbelts, off we went like a Banshee from H - E _ _Double Hockey Sticks. In my humble opinion I would say that my brothers driving, lacked a bit of required skills in between shifting Little Red’s gears. I went sliding to the left, then I swung to the right. There was not one dryer sheet that had anything on me that day. I was about then that my brother yelled out the window, “how am I doing? I replied back, “pretty good I don’t think you missed a pothole yet!”

Then in a sheer moment of brilliance I had a thought. Take me and drop me off at my cousins house. I was not certain I could endure the trip back home. 

When we pulled up, my cousin was outside. It was almost as if she was waiting on us. While I was still collecting my bearings to climb out, my cousin jumps into the bed of Little Red. We were still standing up when my brother pulled out of their circular driveway. All we could do was hold on to the back of Little Red’s ledge. Still standing we went flying to the right then spinning to the left. Our balancing act became a life or death issue.

When my cousin gets nervous she laughs. My brother assumed we were having fun, and spun into the country grade school. This is where he proceeded to create donuts of dust out of the freshly graveled parking lot.

Unable to hold her own weight my cousins body slams into mine. I broke her fall, but she created mine. “I believe I can fly” became my theme song as I soared out of the side of the truck. I’m ok- I’m ok- was my self talk as I scrambled to get back up. I needed to contemplate my next move.

My cousin was now on her knees in the back of Little Red. Oh she should have been praying, but she was still laughing, only this time hysterically laughing. All I knew was that I did not want to get ran over, or left behind. I started to run along behind the truck to catch back up. Just as I grabbed a hold of the tail gate to jump back in. My brother spun around in a circle again. At this point the safe place was to stay behind the truck not knowing which way he would turn next. Again I caught back up to tail gate and went to jump back into the bed of Little Red. When my brother put the pedal to the metal and screamed up the road.

Apparently it takes 15 minutes for an hysterically laughing individual to communicate what had happened. My brother had not seen my circus act. He just knew that I was not there. I had practically ran all the way back to my cousins house when they started back to check on me.

That is when I decided that if ever I needed someone to have my back, neither of them would make it on my phone a friend list. Rest in peace Little Red I am perfectly content with you remaining in the parked position.