"Farmhouse Fun" Commissioned Art

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Quote from our Artist: “At a time when words are not enough, a customized painting speaks a thousand emotional thoughts.” Hello Friend, you are viewing a customized “Work of Heart.” This piece is titled “Farmhouse Fun” It features a custom painting of a childhood memory from days gone by. A painting similar to this one may be created uniquely for your loved one’s Graduation, Birthday or any other special occasion. This art does not have word art the father said, that the painting was enough. After all paintings have a voice of their own, and the Artist speaks with Acrylic often. 


WHEN ORDERING Click the drop down arrow button to select your desired size and variant. Then fill in the Personalized text box of what you would like incorporated onto your painting. This must be done prior to adding your product to the cart. While filling in your billing information keep in mind that the credit card being used must match the name & zip code of the person placing the order. The shipping information is different. You may send this as a gift straight to another persons door. Double check your information before processing your order. 


INFORMATION IS REQUIRED Your personal text information and your phone number is required to start the customized painting process. Please send two well lit photos of your loved one to the artists email below. A brief description of the colors and saying you desire. 


Email: dedralorenejones@yahoo.com


Our standard canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.


.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use


We are a family owned and operated business with over 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the Arts and Crafts Arena. What makes this Shop special in the customized process is that we offer unique Art, which also includes beautiful personalized text.

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MADE TO ORDER: Your painting will be created similar to the Picture that you ordered. It will be painted to the specifications that you requested, with one unique difference this will be your loved ones. However, it is important to understand that it will not be exactly the same. Each custom piece turns out differently. You may rely on one thing. Your painting will be uniquely created with great love.


Artistically, Dee begins by painting with acrylic paints. She then uses a mixed media approach to capture a certain result. Your personalized text will be created into an appealing Word Art, which is incorporated onto the art. This will be sent to you for approval before we print it. THE END PRODUCT IS A DIGITAL IMAGE THAT WILL BE PRINTED ONTO A QUALITY CANVAS. Both old school and modernized methods are used in this process. We have learned to do it this way in case you would like the art to be incorporated onto items, such as a Quality Canvas, Apparel, Puzzles, Bags, and the like. If you would like additional products designed with the original artwork please let us know. 


WE ARE HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY It is our pleasure to create something uniquely made just for you and your loved one. This is a packaged deal. Together we can create “A Work of Art” that comes from your Heart. Now you know why we chose our name many moons ago. A WORK OF HEART, Vienna WV.  Our website is  https://aworkofheart.biz/


PAINTING PROCESS generally takes 1-7 days. This is all dependent on communication by you. If you are in a hurry please respond quickly.


Shipping Varies: The shipping generally takes an additional 3-5 working days after you approve your art. Please allow extra time when ordering during the Christmas/ Holiday Season. 


The artist will need at least two QUALITY, WELL LIT, directional  appropriated PHOTOS. Again Communication is important during the process! You must include your name, and an operating phone number, along  with your specifications.This is so the artist may message, text, or call you directly. 



Welcome to the Wild and Wonderful Hills of West Virginia Artistry. My name is Dee Jones. However I have also been known to answer to Dee-Lightful, Dee-Termined, Dee-Voted. On most days you will find me barefoot and fancy free paining away in my studio. I have a pure passion for creative expression, and quotes of wisdom. It is truly an honor to create a “Work of Heart” for you.


The privilege to paint your loved one will bring, yet another smile to my face. Thank You for dropping by my online studio. I am so glad we found each other. If you have any questions about the customized process I will be messaging, texting, or calling to chat after your order is processed. 


PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS - Our aim is to produce a keepsake that you will treasure for many years to come. One of the most important things in Commissioned Art are good photographs.


LEVELS - Take the photo at eye level. Photos looking down at, or up at, are artistically unappealing to the eye. The best angles of the photo depend on the art that you purchased. Example: if you are purchasing a side view please send us a profile pose of the person you want painted. We offer a variety of Customized Art. Please snap your photo shot accordingly. 


Memorial Pictures: If this is a memorial pose please pick from good quality photos that are at the same age that you wish to portray your loved one in the painting. Dee handles the memorial portraits very honorably. She often prays for you and your family during the process of her painting. May you experience the Peace that passes all understanding as you search for the perfect photo…


QUALITY - The more detail in the photo the better your painting will be. This is especially important for your loved ones features to be portrayed. The photo must be sharp and in focus. The artist is unable to work from blurry photos. Sadly We have had to turn away business due to distorted pictures.


LIGHTING - Please take your photo in natural light, preferably outdoors. The best photos are taken on a bright overcast day, but not in direct sunlight. NEVER use the flash option. Flash causes a number of problems for the artist. Flash masks out a lot of detail, casts unnatural shadows, devalues color, and may causes the dreaded red-eye monster effect. 



                                                                  ~ “A WORK OF HEART”