A Work of Heart

As a young child, I have always enjoyed creating things of beauty. What started as gathering wildflowers and making bouquets for my mother grew into designing crafts for my friends and family.  Later it became a passion to create that one piece that would be labeled  a "Work of Art".

While watching me strive to get everything just right my grandmother said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." She went on to explain that what is breathtaking to one person might be considered as common or ordinary to another. Therefore, beauty is not perfection, but simply value that is determined by the heart. It was then and there that I left the pursuit of perfection behind and aimed to please the one that the gift was created for. 

When I became older and desired to work at things that I enjoyed, I started my own business.  It seemed only fitting that I would call it "A Work of Heart".  In doing this I not only fulfilled my dream, but have made a place to encourage others to create their own Work of  Heart. Now I let my customers have say in picking out what is beautiful to them and adding their personal touch. 

At a Work of Heart we want you to take it personal! I have designed hundreds of products that can be personalized. The good news is our artists hand paint your names and sayings at no extra cost.